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All bookings require a non-refundable deposit depending on your chosen service from the following: 


  • $50.00: Lash full sets & Infills / laminations & Teeth whitening

  • $20.00: Waxing services, tinting & henna

  • $30.00: Nails

  • $100.00: Cosmetic Brow Tattoo

  • $500.00: Training Courses

In order to lock in a booking, the deposit must be paid via

  • direct bank transfer - a copy of the receipt required

  • online via square

  • cash - only for rebooking appointments on the day

No reservations of holdings are able to be made under any circumstances until this mandatory non-refundable deposit is successful.

It is also your responsibility to read through the policy thoroughly on the MU Studio & Co website, or in the confirmation email that will be sent after your deposit has been confirmed. 

The deposit will confirm that you have committed to your chosen appointment

Regarding times for reschedules, we understand that things may occur that could be out of our control...

however, if you need to reschedule your appointment please do so before 24 hours of your appointment time.

Any notices within 24 hours will result in your deposit being forfeited! and a new non-refundable deposit will be required to continue with another booking.



It's important to understand that your deposit is strictly NON-REFUNDABLE.

Therefore any cancellations will not only lose their allocated appointment but also your deposit.
If you notify a MUS artist of any cancellations before 24 hours of your appointment you may be able to still use your valid deposit towards rescheduling instead, to save your deposit.


Another important thing to note is that this business run by an appointment based system
Hence why no show clients are NOT TOLERATED under any circumstances.

As we value every client's time, our time is just as important. There could be other potential clients waiting for your position.
A simple message of notice to cancel your appointment will save you from not being able to make any future appointments with MUS.


If you are running late, kindly inform us through a text message

But do understand that we will only be able to complete what we can within the remainder of your appointment after you arrive. All clients have the responsibility to plan their travels beforehand whether it's by a public or private form of transport. Keep in mind traffic during peak hours

10 extra minutes makes a big difference in the outcome of your chosen service
Any late arrivals after 20 minutes could potentially be cancelled and a rescheduling process is required, following our policy.


To be eligible for an infill, you are required to book typically no later than 3 weeks. We provide two different infill procedures:

  • REGULAR INFILL: No less than 40-50% retention is required. This will be 50% of your full set price

  • INFILL PLUS: No less than 30% retention is required. This will have an additional $20-$25 on top of a regular infill

Anything less is a full set. If we are able to count the lashes you have left, it's too late for an infill. 

$50 non-refundable deposits are also compulsory for infill bookings

We also offer "TOUCH UP" sessions for clients who are wanting to fill in their lashes, only requirement 30 minutes-1hour. This price will vary. If you feel as if there is a problem with your lash shedding eg. all your lashes have fallen out within 1-2 days, please contact us immediately so we can offer a complementary fix. Anything after 72 hours notice will strictly be considered as a touch-up appointment with charges.

WORK FROM ANOTHER ARTIST will only be accepted according to the proper application by your previous artist. Any corrections will require removal at an additional cost


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