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The nanomister transforms water into a fine mist. It sprays mist droplets evenly over to lashes to cure the adhesive faster and settle fumes from the glue to prevent any burning of stinging sensations. 

  • USB rechargable.


Directions - 

  • Fill nanomister with water (we recommend distilled water as normal water may calcify over time and clog the mister).
  • Mist over eyes for a few seconds after finishing a set to ensure the adhesive is cured. This will provide your glue with a source of extra moisture. Doing this will decrease any sesitivities around the eye area - it is also relaxing & refreshing for your client!
  • You may also use the nanomister during the appointment to help speed up glue curing time. 



Professional use ONLY. All of our products are intended for use only by trained professionals. 

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