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Micropore Tape

Micropore Tape

$4.00 Regular Price
$3.00Sale Price



Micropore tape is highly breathable and gentle on the skin. It is a medical grade tape that is also used for securing up bandages or dressing without leaving a sticky residue on the skin. 


It is great for lash technicians as it adheres to damp/wet skin so you don´t have to stress about the tape slipping if your client has watery eyes or has oilier skin. 


The micropore paper is hypoallergenic and latex free, therefore it can be used on the skin for long periods of time without creating irritation. 


Thin: 1.5 x 9m

Wide: 2.5 x 9.5m



Professional use ONLY. All of our products are intended for use only by trained professionals. 


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