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Goodnotes Digital Fundamental Styling Stickers

Goodnotes Digital Fundamental Styling Stickers


Introducing our amazing collection of digital fundamental styling stickers that have been designed to assist you in your styling consultations with your clients by providing them visual representations of lash designing, eye and face analysis and mapping. Whether if you're a fan of eyelash extensions or love experimenting to multiple styles, our digital stickers are perfect for you! 


  • A range of seven different lash styles including cat eye, kitten, foxy, universal, doll eye, round and reverse
  • Each lash style comes with the lash sample, shape guides and a mapping stencil 
  • User friendly 
  • Able to adjust the shape and size to fit your clients portrait pictures 
  • Instant download
  • Usefuly tool to use in your digital client records book



To use our stickers, you will need to download Goodnotes onto your ipad.

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