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Scented Eyelash Extensions Remover

Scented Eyelash Extensions Remover




  • 15ml
  • Easy to use 
  • Fast acting, low irritation formula
  • Acts quickly and gently dissolves the adhesive bond 
  • As the removers are sealed, we are unable to provide a choice of scented remover at this stage



  • Apply undereye gel pads, use lipgloss wand to apply a small amount remover to the base of the extensions (ensuring you dont get product on the eyelids) 
  • Allow the remover to sit for 10-15 minutes to melt the glue.
  • Once glue has melted, use a lipgloss wand to gently slide the extensions off the base of the natural lash.
  • Use lipgloss wand to ensure all the glue residue has been removed before cleansing the lashes.
  • Finally use lash cleanser to thoroughly clean the lashes 



Professional use ONLY. All of our products are intended for use only by trained professionals. 

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