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Creative Wispy: Volume Lash Edition

Creative Wispy: Volume Lash Edition

$199.00 Regular Price
$159.00Sale Price

Introducing our Creative Wispy Ebook Series! 

Our Volume Lash Edition ebook is one of many ebooks that will show we 5 different wispy techniques with the use of only closed fans and spikes. This ebook is great for those wanting to create fluffy wispy sets involving the technique of volume fans, closed fans and spikes. Whether if you use handmades or premades, this ebook is suitable for anyone the have volume fundamental training!

What's included: 

  • 5 styles of volume lash wispy 
  • 7 different fundamental lash shapes
  • 4 different length variations 
  • Making it a total of 140 easy to follow mappings figured out for your!
  • Picture instructions and tips for each set
  • Exclusive discount towards our supplies online!

    DISCLAIMER: This is not a training course and is suited for experienced lash artists. Fundamental training will be required to understand these mappings. For information on our fundamental courses please contact us.

    HOW TO ACCESS: You will get immediate access to this downloadable ebook after purchase.
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